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School of Social and Political Science: Staff profiles


Marie-Eve Hamel

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Dr Marie-Eve Hamel
Honorary Fellow
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Genocide, sexual violence, gender, displacement, relationships, belonging, nationalism


PhD in Sociology, University of Edinburgh.

MSc in Nationalism Studies, University of Edinburgh.

B.A., Political Science and History, McGill University.


My PhD research explored and contrasted the post-conflict experiences of women who suffered from wartime sexual violence in Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the programmes offered by key NGOs that continue to support them.

I am currently a named research assistant on a British Academy project that analyses the emotional lives of refugee youth in Beirut.


Hamel, M. (2016). 'Ethnic Belonging of the Children Born out of Rape in Post-Conflict Bosnia-Herzegovina and Rwanda’, Nations and Nationalism, 22 (2): 287–304

Hamel, M. (2015). 'Book Review of Elisabeth King, From Classrooms to Conflict in Rwanda.', Nations and Nationalism, 21(4): 836-837.

Hamel, M. (2014) “Story of A Conflict: The Impact of the School System on Post-Conflict Ethnic Identities in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Rwanda”, Working Paper in Nationalism Studies,

Hamel, M. (2014). 'Book Review of Kevin Avruch, Context and Pretext in Conflict Resolution: Culture, Identity, Power, and Practice.', Canadian Journal of Sociology, 39(1): 120-123.