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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Course Pre-selection

Below you will find full details on our pre-selection process, as well as guidance on how to choose your courses, course listings, and links to the online pre-selection forms to submit your course choices.    

What is 'Pre-Selection'?

Pre-selection is the process of choosing your courses for the next academic year before you return to university.  All students returning to degrees in SSPS need to pre-select their courses to allow for allocations to be made during the summer vacation period.   Students on studying on degrees outwith SSPS should follow the instructions provided by their own School for Pre-Selection. 

NB The only exception to this are students on Joint Degrees with Politics or International Relations who should complete the form at the bottom of this page.

The deadline for receipt of course selection information is the 04 of July 2018.  

The final cut-off date when we will no longer accept new pre-selection forms is the 6th of August. If you have not submitted your online pre-selection form by this date, you will need to come to the year 1 course-sign ups during welcome week.  You will find details on this at  by clicking the link here

To submit your course choices, please complete the relevant online pre-selection form (links to the forms can be found further down this page).

How does the Pre-Selection process work?

As part of your degree at Edinburgh, you have the opportunity to select optional courses to take alongside those that are compulsory for your degree programme.  Depending on your area of study, there is a large range of different courses from all over the University available to choose from. 

When completing the online pre-selection form, you will need to list ALL your compulsory and optional courses for each Semester, including those from other Schools.  Please indicate your options in order of preference, and list more than the required 120 credits, in case your first choices for optional courses are over-subscribed.

Staff in the Undergraduate Teaching Office will process course choice applications in order of receipt. Please note that it will be mid-July before any of your course choices begin to appear on your MyEd record.

 All queries should be directed to and will be answered in the order in which they are received. 

Please allow five working days for a response.  You will not receive confirmation from the office when we receive of your online pre-selection form.

 You will be contacted at your student email address if there are any problems with your selections so it is important that you monitor this account. Check your junk and clutter folders in case any of our communications are sent here.

Allocations are made on a first come, first served basis for most courses, though this does not apply to courses which are compulsory to your degree programme (you will automatically be registered to these by Registry).   Online pre-selection forms which are received before the deadline will be processed first and we urge you to submit your selections as soon as possible to avoid disappointment in course allocation.  Any online pre-selection forms received after the deadline will still be processed until the final cut-off date of the 6th of August. If you have not submitted your online pre-selection form by this date, you will need to come to the year 1 course-sign ups during welcome week.  You will find details on this at  by clicking the link here

  Course allocations made in the pre-selections process will appear on your MyEd via EUCLID by the end of August.  Please note that allocations to optional courses are provisional until attendance is confirmed by your Personal Tutor when you return to University in September.  

How do you select your courses?

A normal year load is 120 credits (most commonly six 20 credit courses) and your courses should be distributed evenly between Semester 1 and Semester 2.  Once you establish what your compulsory core courses are, and when they run, you will be able to make your optional course selections.  

When selection your courses, always check the following:

  • you meet all prerequisites of the course
  • The course(s) fit into your timetable and do not clash (please see note below about timetabeling information) 
  • the year and level of the course is appropriate 

What compulsory and optional courses are open to you is dependent on your degree programme and your year of study. You can view this information in two ways.

  • Using the university’s DRPS pages. This is the method recommended by the school. You can access the schools DRPS pages here read our guide on how to use DRPS to view your course options here
  • Using Path:  Path is a simple and effective way to view the course options for your degree programme.  You can access path at and login using your EASE login details.  From the home page, you will find FAQ’s and other Help tools.

Timetabling Information 

Please note that central timetabling do not finalise locations on lectures and seminars until later in the summer vacation so the link from DRPS and PATH will not show class times for now. Please see the relevant Honours or Year 2 course listings page for information on when courses will run in SPS (links to these listings are below). 

Please double check your timetable when the finalised timetable information becomes available to ensure that there are no clashes or issues.

For courses run by other schools, you may wish to contact the course secretary listed for the course to check the timetabling information or use the 2017/18 timetables as a guide. 

What do you do if you need further advice on the Pre-Selection process?

If you would like to see the full choice of courses on offer specifically relating to your own degree programme then please refer to the appropriate course listing information. 

If you have any questions about the online form, credits, the rules for your programme, or are unsure about any other administrative matters, then please check the Frequently Asked Questions document or email

If you need advice on any academic matters, please email your Personal Tutor in the first instance.  You can find your Personal Tutor's email address on your MyEd page.  If you are unable to reach your Personal Tutor then please let your Student Support Officer know and they will help you find someone who will be able to offer academic advice.  Student Support Officer details are available here

Any exceptions to your degree programme rules will need to be approved by your PT and Head of Subject.  If you are unsure about who to contact about a query then please email the Undergraduate Teaching Office at:

Online Pre-selection Forms

  • SPS students entering Year 2 in Sept 2018: Form A
  • SPS students entering Year 3 or 4 in Sept 2018: Form B
  • Non-SPS students on Joint Degrees with Politics or IR who are in or entering their honours years: Form C

Course Registration