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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Transferring or Changing Degree

The information on this page is currently being reviewed and updated. The form to submit a transfer request to SPS will open from 12 noon on the 27th of March 2019 and will close at 12 noon on the 26th of June 2019.

Undergraduate degree transfer requests must be made to the School or College that 'owns' the degree programme to which you wish to transfer.   Regardless of when you submit your request, final decisions are only made on these requests over the summer vacation when examination results are known.  Please be aware that transfers are NOT automatic nor is there any guarantee that requests for transfers will be successful.

TRANSFERS BETWEEN COLLEGES and any transfers requiring an additional year of full-time study are administered through the College Office. Information about the process, forms and deadlines can be found on the College Academic Administration webpage.

TRANSFERS BETWEEN OR WITHIN SCHOOLS in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences are referred to as inter-School transfers and are dealt with by the school who owns the degree programme to which you wish to transfer.  Below you will find important information related to transferring or changing your degree programme to one of the programmes in the School of Social and Political Science, including links to the transfer form, deadlines for transfer requests.

To transfer to one of our degrees, please complete our Transfer Application Form (see below) by Friday the 29th of June 2018.  All transfer requests are reviewed by our Deputy Director of the Undergraduate School (Progression and Student Experience), Dr John Harries after the June deadline (see information below).   Before submitting your request, please carefully read the important information below about the transferring your studies to us.

Transfer process in SPS

Before proceeding with a transfer, please first see your Personal Tutor to discuss your current degree studies and to discuss any problems or other options that you may have.  If, after meeting with your personal tutor and considering your options you still wish to transfer, please complete and submit our Transfer Application Form.

Deadline for transfer requests

Your transfer request form must be submitted no later than 29th June 2018 for transfer in the following year – the beginning of the 1819 academic year.  This is an absolute deadline.  Transfer requests received after this deadline are unlikely to be approved (with the exception of the below).

We hope to inform applicants by the 23rd of July as to whether we are able to accept their transfer

Requesting a transfer because you are unable to continue on your current degree

After June, if you are applying for a degree transfer because you are unable to continue on your current degree programme (e.g., due to failing compulsory courses), please e-mail the Deputy Director of the Undergraduate School (Progression and Student Experience) as soon as possible to alert him to your request and submit your Application Form.  This must be done by no later than the  8th September 2018

NB:  Decisions on post June transfer requests will not be made until after the August resit marks are available.

Important information about transferring your studies

  1. Transfers are at the discretion of the school and are not automatic or guaranteed.
  2. Transfers are dependent on students meeting the minimum grades for the chosen degree; normally this entails good passes at first exam sitting for all core components of the chosen degree.
  3. Some transfers are not possible, either because the student fails to meet minimum entrance requirements for the programme, or because there is particularly high student demand to get into the programme. 
  4. Transfers in your first year: There are particularly strict limits for transfers early in the first year of your degree programme (any such transfer request must go to the College Undergraduate Admissions Office).
  5. Transfers into a different degree must normally begin at the start of the NEXT academic year, not part-way through an academic year.
  6. Transfers into the fourth year of a different degree are not normally possible.
  7. Students hoping to transfer into HONOURS of a different degree must meet the Honours entry requirements (see 'Progression to Honours').  If you have not met these requirements the transfer is not likely to be approved.  You can appeal entry to Honours, following instructions laid out in the SSPS student handbook.
  8. Students who wish to change degree in order to apply to a Junior Year Abroad or Erasmus programme in the 3rd year of study need to apply for a transfer by March of their 1st year so that they can apply for study abroad in the 2nd year.

Transfers into Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations (PIR) currently hold a competitive annual application process for places.  A strict quota of 35 transfers per year is applied for entry into honours. In reviewing your request for transfer,  PIR will take into account academic achievement at University and prior to entry, relevant special circumstances, fit with intended curricula, and your a personal statement.

For transfers into PIR,  please complete the Transfer Application Form above and ensure that the personal statement submitted with your application is not more than  100 words.

After you have submitted your form

After the May deadline, your form will be reviewed by Deputy Director of the Undergraduate School (Progression and Student Experience) who will check that the necessary courses have been undertaken and that assessment marks and passes have been obtained.  The Deputy Director will, in consultation with the relevant Head of Subject and the College Undergraduate Office and Associate Dean, will make final decisions regarding approval of the transfer after exam results are published.  Where required, the SPS Student Support Officer in the new ‘Lead’ subject will allocate a new Personal Tutor, during early September.

You may of course submit an honours options course pre-enrolment form to request a place on your options courses before the transfer is approved, but please note that being allocated or enrolled in courses does not indicate approval of transfer.  Note also that you may been withdrawn from courses should approval of the transfer not be granted.


If you have general questions or queries about the degree transfer process, you are welcome to contact Dr John Harries directly. 

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