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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Student Representation

In SPS we take students' views into account when making decisions on how our courses and programmes are designed and run. Regular meetings are held involving students and course organisers as well as tutors and secretarial staff.

Years 1 and 2 Student Representation  

Why do we have class reps?

In SPS we take students' views into account when making decisions on how our courses and programmes are designed and run. Reps are the link between students and staff at the course and Programme level, ensuring that the University is continually listening and engaging with students to improve teaching, learning, assessment, and academic services.

What is involved in being a class rep and what training will a rep receive?

As a Class Rep, you will be asked to collect feedback for the course review meeting, held around week 7 or 8 of a course.

Reps are also welcome to feed any wider views directly into the subject areas and through Student-Staff Liaison Committees, and can feedback to the Student Council through their School Reps. Cass Rep is an important position and one in which you both listen to what other students think and convey these views to staff to help us keep developing how our courses are taught.

Class Reps will be registered with the Students' Association. The Students’ Association actively supports this role and you will receive access to training, support, and recognition for your role which will appear on your HEAR report. More information, as well as a list of benefits in becoming a class rep can be found at

You can also view the new Class Rep video which will help you learn more about the Class Rep role and how to get involved. 

How do I become a Class Rep?

The deadline for all applications will be 12 noon on Friday the 26th of January.  

Please complete the application form via the link below. You can only complete the application for one course at a time. As part of the application, you will be asked to provide a short statement on why you would like to be considered for class rep. 

SPS Year 1 and Year 2 Class Rep Application 

SPS School Representatives. 


Camilla Hallman. 

Course Evaluation

The system of student representation is one of the ways in which courses are monitored as they progress. A more explicit evaluation by questionnaire takes place at the end of the course, in which all students are asked to comment anonymously on its design, delivery and administration.

Student Email Data Sharing

Sharing student University email addresses will allow Class and Programme Representatives to effectively gather views from all students they represent.

Further information on student representation can be found in your programme handbook and online. Information on the function of Class Representatives can also be found online.

Your University email address will be shared with your nominated Class or Programme Representatives following the guidelines set out by the Univeristy.

Class and Programme Representatives will only receive the University email addresses of the cohort that they represent.

Opting out

If for any reason you do not want your email address to be provided, please contact the relevant course secretary or student support officer:

To opt out of the email list for a tutorial or class representative, you should contact the relevant Course Secretary. Contact details can be found here

To opt out of the email list for a programme representative, please contact your Student Support Officer. Contact details can be found here

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