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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Student Representation and SSLCs

In SPS we take students' views into account when making decisions on how our courses and programmes are designed and run. Regular meetings are held involving students and course organisers as well as tutors and secretarial staff.

On this page, you will find information on becoming a Programme Representative as well as information and minutes relating to meetings attended by our Programme Representatives.

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Becoming a Programme Rep

Each academic year the School recruits Programme Representatives. These reps are the link between students and staff at programme level, ensuring that the University is continuously listening and engaging with students to improve teaching, learning, assessment, and academic services.

Some benefits of becoming a Programme Rep.

There are lots of great benefits of becoming a Programme Rep; a few of these include:

  • making a positive contribution to the University by improving the student experience in your School for your peers

  • receiving specialised training and ongoing support via the Student Rep Forum where all Programme Reps are enrolled in Learn. The basic online training will help you understand how to represent students’ views democratically, be an effective student leader within the Students' Association, and work constructively with the University to solve problems and implement positive changes

  • improving your leadership skills and employability by meeting expectations to earn recognition for your role, including Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) recognition and/or the Edinburgh Award for Representing Students.

For more details on being a Programme Rep please see the information on the Student Associations webpages 

As a Programme Rep within SPS, your responsibilities will be to:

  • undertake the training offered by EUSA

  • actively work with the support of EUSA and the Subject Areas to gather feedback, thoughts and ideas from the students they represent

  • attend and actively contribute to Subject Area-level Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings (two per academic year)

  • attend and actively contribute to a School-level student rep meeting which will occur annually

  • close the 'feedback loop' by letting the students you represent know how their feedback was communicated in the SSLCs, what resolutions and recommendations emerged in relation to this feedback, and any actions taken in reference to these. 

How to be considered for the Programme Rep position. 

The deadline for all applications will be 12 noon on the 2nd of October

Please complete the application form via the link below.  As part of the application, you will be asked to provide a short statement of no more than 100 words on why you would like to be considered for class rep. 

Application - click here to apply to be a Programme Rep 

SPS School Representatives and SSLC's. 

School Rep 

School Rep  Academic session
Marco Antonio García Méndez 2018-19

Subject SSLC Committee members and Programme Reps

Subject area

Staff Members

Student Members/Programme Representatives

Politics and International Relations

Dr Andrea Birdsall (PIR DUGT), Clay Young (Politics SSO), Natalie Stroud (IR SSO)

Year 1: Zoe Fredrickson, Marco Garcia Mendez, Fam Krisanabal

Year 2: Saira Banu, Aydin Simsek, Emma Stuessi

Year 3: Nina Hadeed, Rachel McMillan, Emma Wright

Year 4: Hana Gallego, Anya Hare, Joanna Thompson

Social Anthropology

Social Policy

Richard Brodie (SSLC Convener), Clay Young (Social Policy SSO)

Year 1: Margaret Macleod, Isabelle Lee, Lucy deCosta

Year 2: Alexandra Goetz, Imesha Alawattage

Year 4: Laura Patriche

Social Work

Gary Clapton (PD), Steve Kirkwood, Autumn Roesch-march, Karen Dargo (SSO)

Year 1: Zara-Leoni Ford

Year 2: Shelly Marchetti

Year 3: Kasia Mysliwiec, Scott Waterson

Year 4: Nichole Ng, Morgan McGuire


Tod Van Gunten (SSLC Convenor),  Jonathan Hearn (Head of Subject), Nick Prior (PD), Nathan Coombs (ST), Karen Dargo (SSO)

Year 1: Naura Muchlis, Emma John

Year 2: Kirsty Stanway, George Lewis, Hazel Harrop, Zofia Pastuszka

Year 3: Cecilia Fewster

Year 4: Caroline Yang, Louisa Mathies

Sustainable Development  Rachel Howell (SSLC Convenor), Sarah Parry (Programme Director), Sue Renton (SSO)

Year 1:  Sabrina Engelmater, Rachel McCathie, Quincy Sugiuchi

Year 2: Karen Fonstad, Anna Singh

Year 3: Marie Egge, Freya Robinson

Year 4: Isabelle Rayner

Staff-Student Liaison Meetings and Dates (SSLC)

What to Expect. 

The subject areas in SPS hold Student Staff liaison meetings each semester. Student reps share the feedback they have gathered from their peers at these meetings. The dates and times of these meetings are listed below. 

Semester 1 Meetings:

Subject Area  

Date and Time of Meeting  



Minutes from meeting

Follow up response to minutes

Politics and International Relations

31st October 2018, 2pm

Conference Room (2.15) CMB PIR SSLC Sem 1 Minutes 31.10.18

Social Anthropology

Social Policy

14 November 2018
2:00 PM

5.11, CMB

Social Work

BSc3 and BSc4   -  9th October 2018, 4pm

BSc1 and BSc2 - 8th November 2018, 3pm                    

Meeting Room 5, CMB

Meeting Room 1 CMB

BSc3/BSC4 Minutes 9/10/18

BSc1/BSc2 Minutes 8/11/18


7th November 2018, 11am

Conference Room (2.15), CMB

Sociology SSLC minutes 7/11/18

Follow up response to minutes

Sustainable Development

7th November 2018 2.00 pm

Meeting Room 1, CMB SD Minutes 7/11/18 Response to Feedback

Semester 2  Meetings:

Subject Area  

Date and Time of Meeting  



Minutes from meeting

Follow up response to minutes

Politics and International Relations

27th February 2019, 2pm Conference Room (2.15) CMB

Social Anthropology

Social Policy

Social Work


Sustainable Development 

13th March 2019 2.00 pm

Meeting Room 1 CMB

Past Meeting Minutes from Staff-Student Liaisons

Please click below to access the subject area webpages where you will find minutes from past SSLC's

  • Politics
  • International Relations                                                              
  • Social Anthropology
  • Social Policy
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Sustainable Development 

SPS Programme Reps meeting

What to expect

This will be a School-wide meeting of all the Programme Representatives from each subject area and will be attended by the Head of School or Deputy Head of School. This meeting will take place in Semester 2.

Date and Time of Meeting Venue Agenda  Minutes from Meeting Follow up response to minutes

Edinburgh Students