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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study



Third and Fourth Year Courses for 'with South Asian Studies' degrees

  • Buddhism 3 and 4 (Sanskrit)
  • Hinduism 3 and 4 (Sanskrit)
  • Diversity and dissent in South Asian religious traditions (Divinity)
  • Anthropological approaches to the study of religion (Divinity)
  • Commodities and Change in South Asia (Geography)
  • Gender and Development (Sociology)
  • The Political Sociology of Development in India (Sociology)
  • Raj, Rebellion and Ryot: India 1700-1947 (History)
  • Post-Colonial South Asia (History)
  • Gandhi and Popular Movements in India 1915-1950 (History: 4MA)
  • Islam and State Formation in Comparative Perspective: Anatolia and Hindustan 1300-present (History 4MA)
  • Before Fundamentalism: Islamic Reformism in South Asia 1600-1930 (History)
  • Fundamentalism in Comparative Perspective (History)
  • Kinship, Religion and the Self in South Asia (Social Anthropology)
  • The Politics of Identity in South Asia (Social Anthropology)
  • Refugees (Social Anthropology)

('4MA' courses in History run over two semesters and atract twice the usual credits)

South Asian Studies