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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Final Mark Release Dates

On this page, students will find information about how and when we will communicate final marks and examination results and feedback. Dates and procedures differ depending on the year of the programme the student is currently on, so please check the section that is relevant to you.

Semester 2

SPS Students in their final year should see the webpages here to get information on when their final course marks and degree classifications will be made available (please note that this information is currently being updated) 

For students taking our pre-honours courses, we aim to upload your final course marks to EUCLID by no later than Monday 25 of June. When your final course mark is uploaded, you will be able to view them through the Course tab on EUCLID.  

Progression decisions

Students in Years 1, 2 and 3 will receive official confirmation of their progression decision via EUCLID Student View.  An automated email will be sent to your University email account according to the timetable below:

  • Year 1- 3 students will receive their progression decision no later than Tuesday 3rd of July.
  • Year 3 Social Work students will receive their progression decisions in early September.

Exam results and feedback

Students will be contacted by individual course secretaries informing them when and how they can access their exam feedback; the date will vary by course.

We aim to have all exam feedback released to students no later than the end of June.

Special Circumstances consideration requests

For year 1 and 2 students who submitted Special Circumstances for any of our courses, decisions will be recorded on the Meeting tab in EUCLID.  We aim to have this done by mid-July.

If you have any questions or concerns about your performance, please contact your Student Support Officer or Personal Tutor. 

Students studying for degrees taught within the School of Social and Political Science can find the details of their Student Support Officer here.

Edinburgh Students