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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Continuing to Honours

In order to progress to Honours, students must normally have achieved the following:

  • a mark of 50 or more (grade C or above) in the second-year courses required for  their degree programme. This usually includes:
  • the requisite number of passes in years 1 and 2 specified in the regulations for the degree.  The degree regulations can be consulted on-line at

If you are already registered for a degree in your preferred subject, you have a right to progress to Honours if you meet the requirements specified for that degree. For other students, progression to Honours is at the discretion of the Head of Subject.

Honours entry requirements must normally be achieved the first time you sit the examination. You may not re-sit an examination in order to improve your mark, and gain entry to Honours.

If you don't qualify for entry to Honours but consider that you have grounds for appeal, you should write formally to the Head of Subject. Your letter should include:

  • the grounds of your appeal: it is particularly important that you describe any medical or other circumstances which may have affected your performance
  • the marks received for all coursework
  • a print-out from MyEd of your marks in all first and second-year courses
  • the degree for which you are currently registered
  • the name of your Personal Tutor.
Written appeals should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than the last week of August. No appeal can be considered after that date.

If you want to go on to study a subject at Honours level and are in any doubt about your entitlement to do so, you should consult your Personal Tutor. Before you do that, you should consult the University's degree regulations and programmes of study.

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