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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study



Attendance at lectures and participation in tutorials are fundamental to good learning, and students are expected to attend all parts of their honours courses.  Extensive absences are likely to weaken your performance on assessment.

It is important you attend the group on your personalised timetable, attending a different group will mean that you will not appear on the register making your attendance difficult to track which could lead to further difficulties for you.

Honours tutorial allocation and sign-up. 

For the majority of our honours course, you will be automatical allocated to a tutorial group. 

There are a few exceptions where you are required to sign-up to a group via the course learn page.  Please check your course handbook to confirm which method is being used on your course(s). 

Manual Tutorial Sign- up guidance. 

Please note 

If you are taking an Honours level course with SPS that has manual tutorial sign up,  you will be able to self-enrol via the course learn page.  Guidance on how to do this is below.  Tutorials have restricted numbers so it is important to sign up as soon as possible. 

Self sign-up will open at 9am on Monday of week 1 and close at 12 noon on the Friday of week 1.  After this point, any students who have not self-enrolled will be automatically assigned to a tutorial group. 

Guide to Using LEARN for Online Tutorial Sign-Up

The following is a guide to using LEARN to sign up for your tutorial.  If you have any problems using the LEARN sign up, please contact the course secretary by email. 

Step 1 – Accessing LEARN course pages

Access to LEARN is through the MyEd Portal.  You will be given a log-in and password during Freshers’ Week.  Once you are logged into MyEd, you should see a tab called ‘Courses’ which will list the active LEARN pages for your courses under ‘myLEARN’.

Step 2 – Welcome to LEARN

Once you have clicked on the relevant course from the list, you will see the Course Content page.  There will be icons for the different resources available, including one called ‘Tutorial Sign Up’.  Please take note of any instructions there.

Step 3 – Signing up for your Tutorial

Clicking on Tutorial Sign Up will take you to the sign up page where all the available tutorial groups are listed along with the running time and location.

Once you have selected the group you would like to attend, click on the ‘Sign up’ button. A confirmation screen will display.


During the self-sign up period (Week 1 Monday until 12 noon on the  Friday) if you change your mind after having chosen a tutorial you cannot go back and change it and you will need to email the course secretary. 

Once the self-sign up period has passed, reassignments will only be made in exceptional circumstances and and you can request this by completing an online Tutorial Change Request form which can be accessed via the Timetabling webpages

Automatic allocation. 

For some honours courses in SPS  you will be automatically assigned to a tutorial.   You will be able to view the tutorial group you have been assigned to via your personalised timetable which you will be able to access through your MyEd Timetabling Channel. Please check your persoanlised timetable as early as possible. Please regularly check your Office 365 calendar for timetable updates.

Requesting a change to your tutorial group allocation

If you are unable to regularly attend your allocated tutorial group, you can request a change by completing the online Tutorial Change Request form.   The form is available on Timetabling webpages here

Please regularly check your Office 365 calendar for timetable updates, and to make sure your changes have been made. 

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