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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Communicating with Staff

While studying in the School you may need to communicate with a number of different people, for different reasons and in different ways. Teaching and administrative staff may also need to get in touch with you. The best and easiest way for students to communicate with staff is by e-mail: use it whenever you can, and check your e-mail frequently. Use your university student mail address (we will). Set up any other e-mail accounts you may have so that messages are automatically directed from your student address. When a message is sent to your student e-mail address, it is assumed that you have received it.

The Undergraduate Teaching Office (UTO) is on the ground floor of the CMB. A lot of the information you need about different courses in Politics, Social Anthropology, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology, Sustainable Development and School-wide courses is posted on notice-boards in the open areas on the ground floor: consult them first.  Staff in the UTO are available to answer student enquiries. Please do not ask them about things which you could find out from SPS web-pages, your course guide, or from notice-boards. Do not ask them where other members of staff are, because they are unlikely to know; just leave a note or send an e-mail message and the individual in question will get back to you.

To contact staff in the Undergraduate Teaching Office, please click on this link:

The offices of Honours/Subject Secretaries can be found on the 1st floor of CMB.  Opening times are clearly posted on doors, and you must keep to them.

Any questions you may have about course content should be addressed first to your class tutor. Individual tutors will explain how you can best get in touch with them, although the easiest time to see your tutor is obviously just before or after a tutorial. You can contact your tutor by e-mail, or leave a message at the UTO.

Personal problems are best dealt with by your Subject Secretary, who can let your tutors know if your studies are disrupted by illness or other significant personal circumstances, and can direct you to other services in the University that can help you, such as the Student Counselling Service, the Advice Place or the Students' Association (EUSA).

Lecturers can be contacted personally in their own rooms. Some have allocated specific office hours for this; all can be contacted by telephone and e-mail. You can also leave written messages for lecturers, just as for your class tutors, in the UTO.

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