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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Tutoring Opportunities for PhD Students

Our tutor call is now CLOSED. Recruitment for our remaining semester 2 vacancies will begin in December.

Please note that our tutoring posts are student development opportunities, and priority will be given to our current PhD students. The maximum number of tutorial hours any tutor who is currently studying for a PhD should undertake per week is four groups/hours.  In some subject areas the preferred load may be lower.  Further restrictions may apply if you are a T4 visa holder.

PhD students entering the first year of their studies must have completed at least one semester of their studies before applying to tutor. 

Conditions of employment, job Description, and rates of pay. 

Eligibility to work

If you do not currently have a contract to tutor with the School of Social and Political Science, you must be available to report in person to the ground floor reception of the Chrystal Macmillan Building with your relevant eligibility to work documents on one of the dates and times listed below.  Our location on campus map can be found here .

Applicants hoping to tutor in Semester 1 MUST complete the eligibility to work check by the 31st of August 18. 

Please note we cannot progress your application until this check has been completed. 

To complete an eligibility to work check, we will need the following:

  • eligibility documents - click here to see a list of what we can accept.
  • if Tier 4-sponsored - a copy of your visa.
  • if Tier 2-sponsored - a letter on headed paper from the University/department that you are being sponsored by for your Tier 2 visa. This letter must confirm the type of work you are being sponsored to do and also the SOC code that you are categorised under.

How to apply

  • Online application form.  The deadline to submit is: 12 noon on Thursday the 14th of June 2018

  • List of vacancies (draft). This is a list of courses that currently have vacancies. Please note that this list is not final and is subject to change.   Applicants will apply to subject areas rather than directly to course vacancies. Tutors will be matched with courses based on the skills and experience listed on their C.V and personal statement. You can apply to two subject areas in total and will be considered for all vacancies within these subject areas. If there are specific courses you have tutored on in the past, or have a particular interest in, you can provide us with this information on the application form. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Edinburh Students