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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Science, Technology and Innovation Studies


Science and technology pervade all aspects of modern life. Think of the impact of vaccines, mobile phones, jet travel or the internet on how we interact with one another and understand own place in society. How have theories of natural selection, advances in quantum physics or new medical theories and technologies changed the way we see ourselves? How have the politics of climate change influenced the science of climate change? Scholars in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies tackle such thorny issues. We seek to answer the big questions about how societies both influence and are influenced by science, medicine and technology.

The University of Edinburgh has an international reputation in all aspects of the study of science, technology and innovation in society. Founded in 1964 as the Science Studies Unit, it is here that pioneering work was done in the sociology of scientific knowledge. Likewise, Edinburgh has been the home for ground-breaking studies of the shaping of technology by cultural, economic, political and organisational factors. We continue this tradition of excellence today. Edinburgh scholars are working on the social and historical aspects of a range of issues including, bioscience, genomics, history of science and medicine, psychiatry, emerging technologies and innovation, information and communication technologies, science and technology policy, international development and artificial biology.

Undergraduate courses

There is no undergraduate degree programme in science, technology and innovation. However, we do offer a range of undergraduate courses that focus on various aspects of the historical and social dimensions of science and technology. These courses are open to all students and are an excellent addition to almost any degree programme found across the University. Students visiting from overseas are very welcome to join our courses. 

Prehonours Courses (first and second year)

Honours Courses (third and fourth year)

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