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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Degree Programmes

There is no undergraduate degree programme in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies. However, we do offer a range of undergraduate courses focussing on various aspects of the historical and social dimensions of science and technology. These courses are open to all students and will complement studies in many disciplines.

Science and Society 1a
This course offers a rounded introduction to the connections between science and society.

Science and Society 1b: Nature and the Environment
This course considers the ways that science and technology shape the relationship between humans and the environment. 

History of Medicine
This course provides a general introduction to the history of medicine in Western society from the Ancient Greeks to the present. 

History of Science
In this course we discover the development of scientific thought from Ancient Civilizations into the Twenty First Century, paying attention to astronomy, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, geology, space and computer science. 

Technology in Society
This course provides an introduction to one of the fastest-growing and most vibrant areas of academic inquiry: the Social Study of Science and Technology.

Energy Policy & Sustainability
This course provides students with an understanding of contemporary societal and policy debates around key energy technologies in the context of the transition towards more sustainable and lower carbon energy systems.

Knowledge, Expertise & Policy
This course aims to allow students to understand how experts relate to political power and policy-making in contemporary societies.

The Responsible Researcher
This course will equip students with the skills and confidence to engage with broader issues surrounding their research. 

Controversies in Medicine, Technology & Environment
This course introduces students to important social science perspectives for understanding publicly visible controversies in science, technology and the environment.

Medical Sociology
This course explores the complex ways that medicine, as professional practice, system of knowledge and form of power, is shaped by and in turn shapes society.

Gender, Science and Technology
In this course, we examine the gendered history of Western science and engineering, study the gender politics of technoscience, and explore how those politics affect us every day.

Internet and Society
This course covers key themes, historical and contemporary, that have informed and challenged our understanding and assumptions about the interaction between the internet and society.

Investigating Energy Consumption & Policy
This course introduces key debates in contemporary energy consumption, equipping students with analytical tools to critically evaluate energy policy in the UK and abroad.