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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Social and Political Sciences with Quantitative Methods

Studying our programmes will provide you with a deep knowledge of your subject as well as the ability to handle data and use numerical evidence systematically.

Quantitative Methods underpin effective evidenced-based planning and procedure in the public, private and other sectors and it includes anything from the ability to design surveys or experiments to using quantitative evidence from surveys, digital media, archives and open data

We have developed these programmes to address skill shortages in the labour market. This means that a degree with quantitative methods will open doors to a wide range of exciting and well remunerated careers.

Our degrees have been developed with the additional support and guidance of the Q-Step programme, a UK-wide initiative, a project seeking to equip future graduates with advanced data analysis skills. This additional funding results in excellent student-staff ratios.

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MA International Relations with QM

MA Politics with QM

MA Social Policy with QM

MA Sociology with QM



To find out more about the Q-Step Centre in Edinburgh and our study options visit:
Social and Political Science Degrees with Quantitative Methods

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