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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Degree Options

We offer a range of distinctive undergraduate programmes based on the Scottish four-year Honours MA. This degree structure means that you will have the time to develop your subject knowledge and your quantitative skills to a level that will impress employers when you graduate.

One quarter of your study time will be devoted to quantitative methods. This will teach you how to use and interpret data to answer questions in your specific study area.

Our programmes receive further support and funding from the UK-wide Q-Step initiative, allowing students to benefit from small class sizes and the ability to develop your skills in close proximity to experts. There is also plenty of support available to help those less confident with maths.

MA International Relations with Quantitative Methods

You will look at the origins and evolution of the state system and the changing nature of state power. You will learn about the driving forces behind international cooperation and conflict and you will explore security and prosperity in the international system. Find out more

MA Politics with Quantitative Methods

You will explore the origins and present day contexts of domestic and international conflicts about power and resources. You will also study the morality of political action, the limits of freedom and justice, and the processes of governance at various levels. Find out more

MA Social Policy with Quantitative Methods

You will study society and how this changes through political debate and policy making. Social Policy influences many aspects of our lives, from education, crime, health, housing and employment to family support and child protection. Find out more

MA Sociology with Quantitative Methods

You will study the relationships between individuals and groups,issues of identity and the social causes of cooperation and conflicts the way societies and social institutions are formed and change over time. Find out more

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