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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Transferring into 2nd year

If you are currently in 1st year taking one of our 1st year compulsory courses (Introduction to Politics and International Relations, Political Thinkers,  Sociology 1a, Sociology 1b, Social Policy and Society , Politics of the Welfare State or Politics in a Changing World) it may be possible to transfer into International Relations with Quantitative Methods, Politics with Quantitative Methods, Social Policy with Quantitative Methods and Sociology with Quantitative Methods in 2nd year.

Transfer requirements

1) normally have at least A level/Higher Maths at grade B (or international equivalent). If you do not have these then alternative routes can be discussed with the Q Step Director


2) taken Introduction to Statistics for Social Science (SSPS08008) in semester 2 or complete a 10 day conversion course (for which you may receive a stipend of £360) from May 23rd to June 3rd 2016


How to request a transfer


Please make an appointment to see Alison Koslowski (Q Step Director) to discuss your eligibility and your options by March 24th .

Please note that all transfer requests are subject to a formal degree transfer process and applications for 2016  must be received no later than 2nd May 2016 (1st of April if you are studying in a College other than Humanities and Social Science).

If after taking Introduction to Statistics for Social Science, you decide you do not want to transfer, that is absolutely fine. There is no obligation to transfer.

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