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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Your Career

These degrees will equip you with the skills that employers tell us they require. There are a range of career opportunities that await graduates with quantitative skills. There is also a current shortage of data scientists meaning that graduates with broad numerical skills are now highly prized by employers.

Quantitative skills (QS) can include anything from the ability to design surveys or experiments to using quantitative evidence from surveys, digital media, archives and open data. QS underpin effective evidenced-based planning and procedure in the public, private and other sectors.

"There is currently a QS deficit in the UK, with 55% of employers reporting widespread QS weakness amongst their employees. It is estimated that by 2018 there will be a shortage of 15k-20K data scientists and up to 1.5m data savvy managers and professional in the US alone (McKinsey)."