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Programme Structure

Year 1

In first year, you'll study

Through these courses, you'll develop a broad understanding of social and cultural diversity both within Britain and across the world and you will examine the most important questions facing social anthropologists. The fundamentals courses aim to help familiarise students with university study and to introduce students to anthropology through generic academic study skills. We also introduce students to anthropological practice outside academia, helping students understand potential career routes after anthropology honours, and the ways in which anthropological knowledge and skills relates to careers outside academia.  You will also select 2 or 3 optional courses suited to your own aims and interests.

Year 2

Everyone will study

Over the course of this year, you will develop a broad understanding of the major theoretical trends in social anthropology. You will also conduct your first small group research project in Edinburgh and begin to develop ethnographic research skills. In the fundamentals courses you will read a book-length ethnography and learn what it means to think and write anthropologically. You will explore strategies for reading and comprehending different kinds of anthropological texts and practice writing ethnographically through different kinds of writing exercises. You will also have the opportunity to choose an additional four courses, either related to your degree or from another academic area.

Year 3

In third year, you'll study five core courses: Anthropology Theory; Imagining Anthropological Research; Kinship; Ritual & Religion; and Consumption, Exchange & Technology. You will also choose two courses from a range including  The Anthropology of the Body; Anthropology of Africa; Contagion and  Happiness: Cross-cultural Perspectives. And you will also have the opportunity to conduct your own research in the summer break between third and fourth years. Your supervisor will help you to plan and develop your research project, which can take place in the UK or overseas.

Year 4

In your fourth year you will study the core course Culture & Power. You will also use your research findings to complete an honours dissertation under the guidance of your supervisor. You will choose two courses from a range, such as Anthropology of Language, Urban Anthropology, and The Invention of History.