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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


What our students say

Student Interviews

We set our Sustainable Development students the task to interview each other unscripted and talk about the degree and what new students might want to know about being a student in Edinburgh.

Watch these videos on their honest thoughts about what it's like to study sustainability at Edinburgh, being an international student here, why they chose Edinburgh, their career aspirations and life outside their studies. There is also a conversation with the Programme Director and her thoughts about trends in Sustainability. We hope you find them useful.

Thanks to Sarah, Rebecca, Briana, Imogen, Joe and Kia

Class Feedback

About the Lectures

"Great breadth of material covered allowing for a broad grounding in sustainable development, with enough depth to whet the appetite for further reading in specific lecture areas."

"Really enjoyed ..... style of teaching";

"Really interesting, wish there was more on this"; 

"Very clear structure, explicit thesis, great presentation technique, clear delivery"; 

"Very good but would have been interesting to see comparisons between indigenous groups"; 

"Clearly presented and explained, useful resources, interesting examples"; 

"Use of particular case studies made it very interesting and refreshing"

About the Lecturers

"Really well explained and interesting"; 

"Very good overall, delivery of point was clear";

"Ideas I hadn't thought about before put down in an understandable manner (but not too simple)"; 

"Imaginative and attention-catching"; 

"It was very interesting to see a challenge to widely held views";

"Good diversity of Lecturers"

"He's engaging and genuine, a joy to listen to. Out the box thinking!"

About the Tutors

"very insightful debate topics, always suggested relevant and current extra reading, genuinely interested in the the subject so infects students with enthusiasm"; 

"Clear set questions and discussions are almost always focused. Good emphasis on textual references and the 'bigger theme'"; 

"Funny, creative, always got us to discuss, thought-provoking"; 

"... would always begin the tutorials by summarising the key issues from the lectures which helped to shape discussion. She encouraged discussion and help challenge and improve our arguments"

Sustainable Development