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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Politics: Tamsin

My name is Tamsin and I’m in my 2nd year of an MA in Politics. 

I’m taking Psychology 1, Social Anthropology 2, International Cooperation in Europe & Beyond, Social & Political Theory and Social & Political Enquiry.

I’ve always had an interest in Politics and loved studying it before university so it was the logical next step to continue it to degree level. I’ve really enjoyed being able to meet a wide variety of people and hear their viewpoints on the political issues covered in my courses.

Edinburgh's excellent global reputation was obviously a factor in my choice, but I also love the city - it's a really beautiful place to live. 

I chose to study courses in the School of Social and Political Science to complement my degree subject but also to learn more about global and cultural issues that affect us all.

My favourite course so far has been Social Anthropology 1A, having never studied anything like it before it was a really exciting opportunity to learn about something so unique, and I liked the emphasis on different cultural practices. Make the most of choosing outside courses if you can, there are so many great options available.

As part of my honours degree I also have the chance to study abroad for a year. I will hopefully be spending next year at Georgetown University in Washington DC which I’m very excited about!

I’d like to go on to complete postgraduate study after this and, ideally, I’d like to work in politics.

Living in Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh is beautiful and a great place to be a student. My favourite thing about living here is the amazing mixture of people and nationalities all over the city; it helps to make everyone feel at home no matter where they’re from.

I think Edinburgh is just the right size as it's big enough to have plenty of things to do, but it's not so big that it's overwhelming to move to. 

I found it really easy to settle in, everyone was so supportive and there was plenty of guidance available to help new students.

I lived in student accommodation in first year, in the Beaverbank halls of residence. I enjoyed my time there and made a lot of really good friends. I would definitely recommend living in student accommodation to first year students, it’s a unique experience and a great chance to meet people.

I don’t have a permanent part-time job but the Edinburgh careers service website is really useful for finding one-off vacancies to fit around my studies when I need some extra money.

I’d definitely advise new students to join societies, and to do some volunteering. I’ve been involved in the Politics Society and have found it really interesting to hear about political issues that are important to other students. We often have talks from outside speakers and it’s great to hear from experts in the field. I’m also a member of the Yoga Society, which is excellent for relieving essay and exam stress!

Tamsin Long