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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Social Anthropology: Bethan

My name is Bethan and I’m in my 2nd year of an MA in Social Anthropology. 

I’m taking Social Anthropology 2A, Introductory Spanish, South Asian Studies 2A, Social and Political Theory, Social and Political Enquiry and Intermediate Spanish.

I knew that Edinburgh was a great university with high ratings and I was attracted by the opportunity to study a number of courses.

I chose Anthropology as I have always been very interested in other cultures, their rituals and their traditions; this course seemed to cater for that interest. I have enjoyed the study of specific ethnographic works such as Bourgois and Evans Prichard and I have enjoyed the Fundamentals seminars showing the use of anthropology in the wider world. I’m also enjoying Spanish which I chose as I really want to work away in South America when I graduate.

My favourite course so far has been Social Anthropology 1A as it covers all the interesting rituals and customs of different groups of people in Africa and South America. The lecturer was excellent, engaging and exciting with interesting stories and a real interest in the students.

Don’t worry about having any previous knowledge or experience of the subject, despite being challenging at some points the course is easy to follow and fully explains all the theory and practical aspects of anthropology from the start.

Living in Edinburgh

I visited Edinburgh when I was younger and fell in love with the city. I found it incredibly easy to settle into student life here.

It’s the perfect student city with hundreds of hidden cafés and bars to lose yourself in whilst socialising. It has so many different areas full of quirky, independent shops to explore- it’s the perfect place to wander around with friends.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, filled with history and impressive sights on almost every street.

I lived in Kincaids Court student accommodation in first year and had an amazing time there. I made so many friends; everyone was really welcoming including the staff and Resident Assistants who worked there. It was also really close to the university and to The Pleasance so was the perfect location for an eager first year!

My brother studied at Edinburgh before me so I knew about the vast range of sporting opportunities and societies I could be involved in. I’ve been part of the Modern Dance Society since first year – it’s a great society with lots of amazing dancers and a constant stream of events and opportunities. This year I have also been involved in the committee as social secretary and the support from the society members has been incredible. I’ve recently joined the Kickboxing Society as well which is a great community of people. 

Bethan Ellis