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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Sustainable Development: Amanda

My name is Amanda and I’m in my 2nd year of an MA in Sustainable Development.

I’m taking Sustainable Development 2A, International Cooperation in Europe and Beyond, Social and Political Enquiry and Spanish. 

I’m studying Sustainable Development with Politics as my pathway which explains the Politics courses I’ve taken so far. I’ve chosen to study Economics as my outside course to complement Sustainable Development. I’ve also chosen to study Spanish simply because I was interested in learning a new language.

My degree is quite specific, and Edinburgh is one fo the few universities in Europe that offer this degree within the social sciences.

I’ve really enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of my degree as well as the fact that, since this is a new programme, the students have a lot of influence over what it should look like.

My favourite course so far has definitely been Sustainable Development 2A! It was a varied and inspirational course with a number of very talented and passionate lecturers as well as course organisers who went beyond what was expected of them to make sure that the students got the most out of their course. 

After I’m done with my four years here I will probably continue studying towards a Masters, preferably here at Edinburgh. In the future I would like to work with environmental policies in the EU or for the Swedish government.

Living in Edinburgh

In Edinburgh you have culture, history, beautiful architecture, shopping and don’t forget all the lovely coffee shops; all in one place!

As a city, Edinburgh is perfect for students. It is diverse without being too big, and you always feel safe.

The friendly and helpful attitude among students as well as ‘Edinburghers’ really helps you to feel at home, especially if you’re an international student living far from home like me. 

When I’m not studying, I work for EUSA part-time which gives me some useful experience. It’s perfect for me as it allows me to work for a few hours per week between my classes, letting me earn some extra cash without compromising my coursework. 

The social life in Edinburgh is great and it’s really worth while getting involved in the student societies. I’m very involved in the Edinburgh University Sustainable Development Society (EUSDS).

Since it’s an academic society it has been an excellent opportunity for me to increase my knowledge of the subject in a more informal way, while building up my CV, contacts and relationship with the School of Social and Political Science. At the moment I am even planning and organising a sustainable development careers workshop together with one of the careers advisers at Edinburgh.

Amanda Midharme