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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


Professional Development Awards

Information session
About the Awards
SPS Edinburgh Awards available
Who can complete the Award
Certification on completion of the Award
How to register for the award

Information session 

The information sessions took place in early October 2017 and described what the awards are and how they worked, similar information is described below. The slides from the session are available here: Session Slides

About the Awards

The Edinburgh Award is a series of events and activities designed to strengthen your CV and help you stand out in the job market.  The Award recognises and rewards your involvement in activities undertaken alongside your degree programme and aims to enhance and improve your experience as a student. 

With so many people competing in the graduate job market every year, just having a degree (even from the University of Edinburgh) is no longer enough. Employers want university graduates who are ready for work - they’ll be investing in you and they want to know they’ll get a return on that investment.

Employers want graduates who:

  • are self-aware
  • capitalise on their strengths
  • will have impact wherever they work
  • are committed to personal development and life-long learning
  • can confidently provide evidence for these claims

And that's where the Edinburgh Award comes in.

The Edinburgh Award is a programme that students can undertake alongside their studies.

We know lots of people are already involved in activities alongside their studies such as volunteering, part-time work and getting involved in the University community.

To help you use these types of activities to stand out from the crowd the University has established the Edinburgh Award - a programme that wraps around these activities, giving you recognition for your involvement and helping you get the most out of your experiences.

All of the awards are run locally this means that each version is tailored to that specific activity. Staff involved in running the different versions are all committed to supporting students in developing and reflecting on their skills. 

SPS Edinburgh Awards

The Student Development Office runs two SPS-specific Awards with a focus on professional skills development and employability: 

SSPS Edinburgh Award for Professionalism in Community Engagement

SSPS Edinburgh Award for Professionalism in Public Engagement

SSPS Edinburgh Award for Digital Content Creation

Students may also choose to complete an Edinburgh Award run by another section of the University, if appropriate.

Who can complete the awards?

The awards are open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students (including PhD) within the School. 









Professionalism in Community Engagement








Professionalism in Public Engagement


No Yes Yes Yes



Digital Content Creation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

 The completion times for Undergratuates undertaking Professionalism in Public Engagement may differ from those on a postgraduate course.

Certification of Award Completion

All students who complete an SSPS Edinburgh Award will receive a certificate from the University to recognise their achievement.  

The Award will also show on your HEAR transcript (Higher Education Achievement Report), which is provided by the University on completion of your degree.

Other Edinburgh Awards

There are many awards within the University of Edinburgh that you can undertake during you r studies here. Follow thie link for more information.

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