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School of Social and Political Science: Undergraduate study


SSPS Professional Development Certificates

Professional Development Certificates recognise attendance at Professional Development Workshops but require a shorter time commitment than the Edinburgh Award.  

Three levels of Certificate are available:  

Bronze: 12 hrs skills attendance, 3 hours reflection

Silver: 16 hrs attendance, 4 hours reflection 

Gold: 20 hrs attendance, 5 hours reflection 

Students must also submit a 500-word reflective summary of their skills development over the course of the Certificate.

Register for the Professional Development Certificate

To register your interest in the Professional Development Certificate please click the link below. 

Professional Development Certificate Registration


Professional Development Certificate Journey

1. Sign up for the Certificate to register interest.

2.  Complete the Graduate Attributes analysis survey.

3. Attend workshops between October and March - always remember to sign the register.

4. When you reach your chosen Certificate's total number of skills development hours submit the final reflective submission.

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