School of Social and Political Science

Introduction to Ethnographic Filmmaking


Date & Time

22nd Mar 09:00 - 1st Apr 2021 17:00




This workshop will provide students with an understanding of a) what ethnographic film is b) when and how it can be used within a research project c) some practical experience of creating a short film.

Instructor: Dr Helen Packwood

Structure: Asynchronous. The workshop content and discussion board will be available on the Micro-Methods Workshops Learn page from Monday 22 March 2021. The discussion board will be monitored by the instructor between the 22nd of March and 1st of April .

Duration: This workshop will take approximately 5 hours to complete.

Please note this course will focus on the theory as well as the practice of video ethnography. It will not provide training in video editing software, although some experience of video editing software would be useful.

Key speakers

  • Speaker: Dr Helen Packwood (University of Edinburgh)