School of Social and Political Science

RACE.ED and EREN: Race vs. The Human

09 February 2022
14:00 - 15:30





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Join us for this Edinburgh Race Equality Network (EREN) and RACE.ED co-hosted seminar examining the self and the body in relation to coloniality and the decolonial world.

With Dr Deanne Bell. 

In coloniality, there is a need to conflate the body and the self through the mechanism (the construction and then imposition) of social identities such as race. Coloniality could not flourish without doing so. Yet, ontologically and epistemically we are human. We exceed race. 

  • What lies under or beneath the colonial construction of Blackness? 
  • What happens when we separate the colonial Black from the decolonial human? 
  • When we uncouple racialisation from the self, decolonially, who emerges?
  • What ontologic and epistemic resources do we need to identify as human?

In dialogue with Sylvia Wynter and Frantz Fanon, this RACE.ED and EREN seminar explores differences between the self and the body in relation to two worlds—the dehumanising world of coloniality and the rehumanising or decolonial world.

Key speakers

  • Dr Deanne Bell, Nottingham Trent University