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STIS Seminar - Ramón Barthelemy


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Monday 18th October, 15:30 - 16:30, online.


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In this special seminar, Ramón Barthelemy (University of Utah) will present the following talk:

Queering Physics: A History of the Queer Rights in the USA and LGBT+ Advocacy in Physics


Queer civil rights in the USA have been hard won from direct activism and organization of a diverse coalition of people, including trans women and men, People of Color, and members of the LGBT+ community more broadly. This talk will explore this history and take an in-depth look at how principles from this history were applied to physics to make significant policy changes. The data presented will uncover a concerning climate for LGBT+ physicists, which can be even more challenging for trans persons and People of Color. 


A little more about Ramón:

Ramón Barthelemy is a former Fulbright, U.S.  Department of Education AAAS Science Policy Fellow and private sector consultant dedicated to equity and inclusion in physics and astronomy. Currently he is an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Utah and has secured over $1M in external funding. Dr. Barthelemy’s work has included studying the experiences of women in graduate physics and astronomy, LGBT persistence in the field of physics, and the motivations of students to pursue physics in Finland. . He was also the recent recipient of the American Association of Physics Teachers Early Career award and the Fulbright Finland Alumni award.

Key speakers

  • Ramón Barthelemy