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2024 CAS/CeSeR Annual Conference University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK April 23-24, 2024



CAS & CeSeR Annual Conference Poster


                                            Security in Africa: Actors, logics and futures

The security landscape in Africa appears to be witnessing a resurgence of old challenges, such as military coups. This resurgence potentially encourages a shift in debates about security back towards elite struggles and away from the ground-up logics and systems of order that continue to define how ordinary people experience, cooperate with and resist the state. This conference, hosted by the Centre of African Studies (CAS) and Centre for Security Research (CeSeR) at the University of Edinburgh, will focus on the relationships between everyday actors and state-driven violence. How is security reshaping the state-citizen relationship, how is the international environment influencing these processes and what are the conceptual logics that underpin it all? 

The main conference sub-themes include:

  • Everyday violence and social order
  • Peacekeeping and international interventions
  • Displacement and migration
  • State violence and human rights
  • Justice and reconciliation 
  • Environment and extractive politics 

The conference will feature over 50 presenters, including keynotes from Dr Comfort Ero (President and CEO of the International Crisis Group), Professor Gilbert Khadiagala (University of Witwatersrand), Professor Kristof Titeca (University of Antwerp), and Professor Jana Krause (University of Oslo).

The conference registration fee is £50. This will cover lunch on each day, coffee breaks, and a reception. Graduate students and participants affiliated to African universities/institutions are exempt from the fee.   

Conference Programme

2024 Annual Conference_CASCeSeR_final programme.pdf

Registrations are now closed.