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Four new Chancellor’s Fellows appointed at SPS



Headshots of the four SPS Chancellor's Fellows


Four outstanding early career academics have received prestigious University of Edinburgh Chancellor’s Fellowships based at the School of Social and Political Science (SPS). 

The SPS fellows are among 34 academics awarded a Chancellor’s Fellowship at the University this year. 

The Chancellor’s Fellowship is a five-year tenure track that invests in researchers delivering cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and innovation. 

The University has awarded Chancellor’s Fellowships since 2014. They are designed to help the most promising academics advance from the early stages of their career to more senior roles, and to empower their ground-breaking research. 

They are for academics with a vision for future leadership in research and innovation, which may straddle leading a major area of research, forging new industry partnerships, or research-led teaching innovations. 

The four SPS Chancellor’s Fellows are: 

"Theo Bourgeron photo"

Theo Bourgeron 

Theo works within Sociology at SPS. His work focuses on combining economic sociology and the sociology of health. In his recent book, Alt-Finance: How the City Bought Democracy (written with Marlene Benquet  of Paris Dauphine University), he investigates the rise of new financial sectors over the last decades, and how they fuelled the emergence of the libertarian right in the UK. His new work seeks to investigate how the transformation of the pharmaceutical sector results in new health social movements. 

Marlee Tichenor  

Marlee, who is currently based at Durham University, is an anthropologist whose work will focus on exploring data production in global health, by focusing on the analysis of the actions and interactions of the multiplicity of actors making public and private health data in the context of three countries in West Africa (Senegal, Ghana, and Burkina Faso). This builds on her previous experience, including examining the role of quantified data and metrics in global health governance, investigating the World Bank’s influence on global metrics production, and on Universal Health Coverage policy implementation in Senegal. 

Shruti Chaudhry 

Shruti works in Sociology at SPS. She is a sociologist of the family, who seeks to better understand forms of rationality by locating the personal within wider contexts of social change. Her book Moving for Marriage: Inequalities, Intimacy and Women’s Lives was published in 2021. Her future work will focus on research on ageing among ethnic minorities in Britain, given the increasing ageing population, and the lack of knowledge about the needs and experiences of this important group. 

"Laura Sochas photo"

Laura Sochas 

Laura is an interdisciplinary researcher working at the intersections of social policy, public health, sociology, and demography. Her work broadly focuses on how power, institutions, and social policies shape health inequalities, at the intersection of multiple disciplines. Laura’s planned research will explore the effect of social and political institutions on health inequalities, and the links between reproductive justice and health. Laura is currently based at the University of Oxford and will join our Social Policy subject area. 

The new fellows will be supported to achieve their research and leadership ambitions through a tailored programme that helps them realise their research, innovation and leadership ambitions. 

Congratulations to all our new fellows.