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New book on transport corridors in Africa edited by SPS colleagues


Transport Corridors in Africa showcases a more varied approach to existing, more technical analysis of what goes on in the ‘corridor’ - at ports, on roads and on railways across the continent. It offers perspectives from academics and policy-makers from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, including historians, anthropologists, political scientists and transport policy officials.

It looks behind the statistics, at the reality of the workings of Africa’s transport corridors.

The book is edited by Postdoctoral Fellow Hugh Lamarque and Professor of Comparative African History Paul Nugent, both of the Centre of African Studies (CAS). Current and former CAS colleagues and associates also contributed chapters, including José-María Muñoz; Elisa Gambino; Sidy Cissokho; and Isabella Soi.

The African Governance and Space (AFRIGOS) project

The book is published as part of the ERC-funded African Governance and Space (AFRIGOS) project, which concluded at the end of June 2022. AFRIGOS explored processes of ‘respacing’ driven by regional integration and the recasting of Africa’s role with the global economy through large-scale infrastructural investments. Paul was AFRIGOS PI and Hugh was part of the research team.

Other contributors to the book include Jerome Lombard, Yunnan Chen, Bruce Byiers, Francesc Magrinya, Sergio Oliete Josa and Nina Sylvanus.

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