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Professor Alison Koslowski’s inaugural lecture is now online

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Professor of Social Policy and Research Methods Alison Koslowski’s inaugural lecture, given in October 2019, Sharing the caring: what is holding us back?, has now been made available to watch online.


Sharing the caring: what is holding us back?

Professor Koslowski's lecture discusses how sharing care duties can transform how families work, and how cultural and policy practices are holding us back from sharing care as equal partners.

Watch the lecture on MediaHopper here.

Research interests

Professor Koslowski’s research interests include the labour market, family policy, care, fathers and fatherhood, gender, parental leaves.

She said: “The interconnections between gender equality, the labour market, family policy, and caring practices are of long-standing theoretical and empirical interest to me. These interconnections are sites rich in opportunity for challenging prejudice. In particular, much of my writing has focused on fathers and family leave policy.

“I very much enjoy working in international collaborative team projects and then bringing home a comparative perspective to inform policy in Scotland.”

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Professor Koslowski’s recent publications include a co-edited book Parental Leave and Beyond: Recent International Developments, Current Issues and Future Directions, with Policy Press. 

Alison is an editor of the annual International Review on Leave Policy and Research, a compendium of leave policy information for 45 countries, and is working this year with the European Institute for Gender Equality, supporting the new EU Directive on work-life balance for parents and carers. 

She is also co-editor of Families, Relationships and Societies, a relatively new journal exploring family life, relationships and generational issues across the life course.