School of Social and Political Science

Representing social science on the Scottish Science Advisory Council

Sub head

The School of Social and Political Science’s Professor Janette Webb will advise the Scottish Government on climate change policy and governance, as a new member of the Scottish Science Advisory Council.


Professor Webb is a Professor of Sociology of Organisations at SPS. She will represent the social sciences on the SSAC, Scotland’s highest-level science advisory body, among a host of other experts and practitioners of a broad range of specialisms.

Professor Webb said:

“I very much welcome the opportunity to join the Council during this critical period for advising Government on the climate emergency and actions for Scotland’s 2045 net zero carbon target.”

Scottish Science Advisory Council

The SSAC includes both practitioners and users of scientific innovation, and provides independent advice and recommendations on science strategy, policy and priorities to the Scottish Government.

Professor Webb will play an integral part in working towards the aims of the Scottish Science Advisory Council (SSAC), which are to:

  • Support the Scottish Government to make effective use of science advice, knowledge and techniques when formulating and implementing policies
  • Further enhance Scotland's status as a science and innovation nation
  • Support Scotland’s Economic Strategy goals of increasing competitiveness and tackling inequality

Visit the Scottish Science Advisory Council website.

More about Professor Webb

Professor Webb’s research focuses on social studies of energy and climate change. 

She is co-director of the UK Energy Research Centre, which carries out interdisciplinary research into sustainable future energy systems.

She is also a member of the Infrastructure Commission for Scotland. The Commission provides independent, informed advice to help the Scottish Government create a 30-year infrastructure strategy, meeting the country’s future economic growth and societal needs.

The Commission's second report was published this summer, on governance for an inclusive net zero carbon economy and society. Recommendations from the first report have been accepted and are discussed in the Scottish Government's draft Infrastructure Investment Plan published on 24 September 2020.