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RSE makes recommendations for supporting Scotland’s Covid recovery


The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) has shared key findings from its Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission, making several recommendations for decision-makers to support Scotland’s Covid recovery.

Nasar Meer, Professor of Race, Identity and Citizenship at the School of Social and Political Science, and Fellow at the RSE, was part of the commission, supporting the need to tackle inequalities in the recovery.

The commission was established in May 2020 to identify and address some of the immediate policy implications and challenges arising from the coronavirus outbreak and support the future of Scotland beyond the immediate crisis.

The Commission has now launched its report, Coming out of Covid-19: Reimagining Scotland.

The RSE summarises its findings as:

  • Public participation in decision making is key
  • Preparedness is vital
  • Improving how science is communicated and increasing public trust in science is imperative
  • A transformation in how we deliver public services is critical

On the findings, Professor Meer said: “The commission makes a number of very important recommendations on the need to remove barriers and better enable people to shape public policy. In particular, and to tackle the inequalities further entrenched by the pandemic, it is clear that lived experiences need to be seen and understood.”

Download the report and watch a summary video of the findings:

Royal Society of Edinburgh | Coming out of Covid-19: Reimagining Scotland

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