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SPS colleagues receive University of Edinburgh Changemaker Awards for their socially responsible initiatives



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Congratulations to Ali Lazda and The Binks Hub, School of Social and Political Science (SPS) colleagues who have been recognised with Changemaker Awards for making an inspiring and positive impact in the University community.

These awards recognise current students and staff who have made a noticeable positive impact by undertaking a socially responsible or sustainable project, or by inspiring others to act in a more socially responsible or sustainable way. The awards are given to individual staff and students, as well as groups and societies.

  • Ali Lazda, Teaching Services Officer at SPS, was one of 32 award winners from across the University. Ali has improved reuse and recycling of resources, and supported colleagues to embrace circular economy principles, by the introduction of collection points for several Terracycle recycling programmes in the School’s Chrystal Macmillan Building (CMB). Hair Care Packaging and Dental Care Packaging collection points are located in the first floor kitchen of CMB, 1.15, and Taylors of Harrogate Coffee Packaging collection points are in the Undergraduate Teaching Office (UTO, 1.16) and the small first floor kitchen (1.Z08). There is also a small pen and pencil recycling point in the UTO.
  • The Binks Hub - a cross-University partnership of individuals, organisations, artists, and academic researchers, led by two researchers at SPS and one at the School of Health in Social Science - also received a Changemaker Award for its noticeable positive impact. The Hub uses art, crafts and creative activities to investigate how to tackle the issues that matter most to people, driving real-world positive change. It has been running for more than a year and, in that time, has collaborated with more than 20 community organisations, helping them to secure funding, train volunteer citizen researchers, develop research proposals, collaborate on research projects and disseminate their research and other activities. Find out more on The Binks Hub website.

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