School of Social and Political Science

Students and representation


Student representation

Effective student representation is a vital part of the University’s quality assurance and teaching and learning enhancement processes.


Within the School, student representatives exist at programme level and at School level. At School level, SPS has two representatives, one for undergraduates and one for postgraduates.

The relationship between programme representatives, School representatives and staff is very important. The Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) supports and facilitates the development of these relationships and provides training for programme and school representatives.

School Council

The School Council is a democratic structure and forum that enables students to take a proactive approach to decision-making in the School. It is a way for students to voice their opinions about what is going on in the School, and students are encouraged to raise issues and ideas that they consider relevant to their student experience in these meetings. School Council meets at least once a semester.

Accessible learning

We aim to help students maximise their academic potential and get the most benefit from their programme of study and university experience. In line with our strategic goals of excellence in learning and teaching, we seek to enhance the student experience by creating a learning and teaching environment, and culture, that is dynamic, accessible and inclusive.