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Diagnostic Innovation and Livestock (DIAL)



The Diagnostic Innovation and Livestock (DIAL) project aims to develop detailed strategies for the improved use of diagnostic tools and practices to enable more effective and sustainable use of antibiotics in livestock agriculture. Scientific, public and political concern regarding antimicrobial resistance is increasing, and improved diagnostic decision making is a critical step to delivering more effective use of antibiotics in animal health.

DIAL is led by the University of Exeter with the University of Edinburgh, Innogen Institute, and the University of Bristol, School of Veterinary Medicine. This is an interdisciplinary investigation bringing together veterinary, innovation and social sciences to understand how diagnostics can be used to reduce the use of antibiotics across farming systems. The team at Edinburgh are conducting research in the UK and Tanzania on the development of new, rapid tests to support prudent antimicrobial use on farms, using an innovation systems approach.

The main objectives of our research are to:

  • understand how to support the development of novel diagnostics to address antimicrobial resistance in livestock
  • assess how diagnostic innovation can be facilitated by regulatory and governance systems
  • identify the key factors for ensuring uptake and developing successful markets for rapid diagnostics
Research Team

Principal Investigator: Henry Buller (University of Exeter)


The project is funded through the Innogen Institute by the Antimicrobial Resistance Cross Council Initiative supported by the seven research councils in partnership with other funders. The support of the Economic and Social Research Council is gratefully acknowledged.

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Further information

Research themes

  • Innovation in life sciences (agriculture, food and health)
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