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Minorities and identities in Scotland



Most of this recent research concerns minority ethnic, national and migrant groups in Scotland: their distribution, origins, histories, status and (especially) identities.

I am particularly interested in which national communities people in these groups identify with, and the potential underlying reasons for such identification.

This work has been mainly based on pre-existing statistical data, especially from the 2011 census in the UK, and often involves comparison with similar minority groups in other parts of the UK.


2010 to present day

Find out more

  • (2019) ‘Multicultural Scotland’, in M. Keating and C. McAngus (eds.) Handbook of Scottish Politics, Oxford UP.
  • (2017) ‘Minorities and Diversity in Scotland: Evidence from the 2011 Census’, Scottish Affairs, 26 (1): 23-47.

Further academic publications relevant to the theme 

  • (2017) ‘Sub-state national identities among minority groups in Britain: a comparative analysis of 2011 Census data’, Nations and Nationalism, 23 (3): 524-46.
  • (2017) 'Multicultural nationalism? National identities among minority groups in Scotland’s census', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 43 (7): 1121-40.
  • (2011) ‘The National Identities of Minorities in Scotland: Anticipating the 2011 Census', Scottish Affairs, 75: 1-24.
  • (2010) ‘An Audible Minority: migration, settlement and identity among English graduates in Scotland’, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 36 (3): 483-499 (with Katharine Charsley and Sue Grundy).
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