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Scotland's Constitutional Future. Devolution, Intergovernmental Relations, Brexit & Independence



Aims and objectives

The team at the Centre on Constitutional Change, led by McEwen and Keating, has been researching issues related to Scotland’s constitutional future in a series of projects since 2013.

In advance of the independence referendum in 2014, the team evaluated the claims and counter-claims of each campaign, and explored the implications of independence. Since then, the team has examined the scope and effect of changes to Scottish devolution, including the Scotland Act 2016 when the Scottish Parliament’s powers and responsibilities increased significantly.

We are currently examining the impact that Brexit may have for the autonomy of the Scottish Parliament, the politics of independence, and for relations between governments, parties and parliaments across the UK and Ireland.

Research methods and activities

The ongoing research within the Centre relies on qualitative methods. These include:

  • elite interviews with politicians and government officials
  • private meetings and workshops with officials
  • documentary analysis of parliamentary debates, political speeches, government documents, evidence sessions in committee enquiries and committee reports

The Centre engages in a wide range of activities, including public events and conferences


2013 - ongoing

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A wealth of accessible and up to date analysis is available on the Centre on Constitutional Change website, in the form of short blogs, longer reports, articles and e-books. Reports/Books include:

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