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Text Mining Careers

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Principal investigator

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Research Team:

Beatrice Alex is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation (ILCC) at the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests are in text mining for documents from different domains as well as multi- and mixed-lingual text processing and its applications.  Her ambition is to make archives more accessible to users.

Gil Viry is Research Fellow in Sociology. His research interests bridge the intersection of personal life and social networks. He uses quantitative research methods and social network analysis to explore how geographical distance and mobility behaviours (travelling, commuting, moving) impact personal relationships, focusing in particular on the network structure of families.

Alberto Acerbi is a cognitive/evolutionary anthropologist at Eindhoven University of Technology with a particular interest in computational science. He has been awarded a British Academy and Royal Society's Newton Fellowship and he joined, in January 2013, the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol.


The pilot project has been funded by the Challenge Investment Scheme of the College of Humanities and Social Science, University of Edinburgh for risk-taking projects that experiment with disciplinary fields.


This pilot is to develop research that builds links between interpretive/qualitative and data intensive/quantitative research for the study of careers and expertise. By applying a combination of techniques including text mining, sequence analysis and ethnography, the project will explore new ways to respond to the question: how do workers build careers across organisations?  By applying sequence analysis to professional networking data mined from publicly available webpages, the project will demonstrate the application of text mining technology to a particular type of IT experts, namely industrial analysts. This large-scale study of career patterns will provide insights into how professional background contributed to acquiring the skills and relationships necessary to build analysts reputation as experts in the field.


Research themes

  • Studies of information and communication technology
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