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Exploring cultural practices with social processes and inequalities

Our research in this area addresses the specificity and richness of cultural practices and products while maintaining a concern with social processes and inequalities.

Our work encompasses many areas of cultural life, including music, food and literature. We also host and edit the British Sociological Association journal Cultural Sociology. 


Projects include Lisa McCormick's work with a team on Investigating Art and the Sacred at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Angelica Thumala's research into reading.

Nick Prior is an academic consultant for the video game company The Story Mechanics. Members of this group lead Food Researchers in Edinburgh (FRIED).


Research staff
Relevant publications

Some of our key publications are listed below. For more detailed lists please visit our personal pages on People.

Isabelle Darmon (with Alan Warde) (2019) 'Habits and orders of everyday life: commensal adjustment in Anglo-French couples', British Journal of Sociology, 70 (3): 1025-42.

Lisa McCormick (2015) Performing Civility: International Competitions in Classical Music. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Nick Prior (2018) Popular Music, Digital Technology and Society, Sage.

Angelica Thumala (2018) "Reading Matters. Towards a cultural sociology of reading" American Journal of Cultural Sociology 6(3): 417-454.

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