School of Social and Political Science

Global health policy


A united interest

Our research on global health policy brings together a diverse group of researchers from varied disciplinary backgrounds. What unites them is an interest in working on policy-related questions concerning population health.

International connections

This might mean looking into the impact of public health policies on reducing inequalities, or trying to understand the key governance challenges experienced by low and middle-income countries when implementing the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Framework for Tobacco Control.

Much of our research is also conducted in collaboration with international agencies such as the WHO and UN Development Programme, or with government agencies including the Department for International Development and Public Health England.

Much of our world-leading research is organised around the University of Edinburgh's Global Health Policy Unit, a global leader in the field.

Our research is supported by funding from sources such as the:

  • Global Challenges Research Fund
  • Tobacco Control Capacity Programme
  • Economic and Social Research Council

Engaging in debate and informing health policy

Whether we work on questions linked to global governance of health, health systems or the impact of the commercial sector on public health, we are actively engaging in the global debates on improving health via informing health policy and practice.

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