School of Social and Political Science

Migration and experiences of displacement


Our work on migration and experiences of displacement explores the following questions:

  • What are BAME, refugee and asylum-seeking children and families experiences of transition and integration?
  • What do children and families find most helpful in navigating complex transitions?
  • How might theories of transition and integration be developed to better reflect the experiences of refugee and asylum-seeking families and improve support practices?
  • How are asylum seekers and refugees represented through language? How do asylum seekers and refugees experience integration?
  • How do displaced populations establish networks of protection and security outside of formal pathways to asylum?
  • What are the experiences of displaced populations in states that are not signatories to major refugee protection frameworks?


Our researchers study:

  • migration
  • asylum
  • displacement
Research staff and PHD students

PhD students

  • Ye Wang: Works on grandparenting in rural China against the backdrop of rural to urban migration in China
  • Yukti Lamba: Works on child migrants in Delhi India
Additional information

Recent work on migration and experiences of displacement include Georgia Cole’s work exploring alternatives to asylum, and Steve Kirkwood’s work on political, historical and media discourses on the integration of refugees, George Palattiyil's work on reproductive health and asylum seekers.

  • (Roesch-Marsh, A) PI, Froebel Trust - Starting School: Experiences of BAME, refugee and asylum seeking children in Scotland, April 2017 – December 2018
  • (Kirkwood, S.) Co-Principal Investigator (with Dr Muireann Ní Raghallaigh, University College Dublin) on 'A comparative case-study of refugee integration in Scotland and Ireland', part of the Scottish Irish Migration Initiative, funded by the Strategic Partnership Fund between University College Dublin and the University of Edinburgh. This project will develop an in-depth understanding of how asylum seeking and refugee families integrate into local communities. September 2019 – August 2022.
  • (Palattiyil, G.) Reproductive health of adolescent refugees in camp settings – A qualitative cross-national needs assessment (SFC/GCRF; 15 Jan 2020 – 31 July 2020)
  • (Palattiyil, G.) Impact of COVID-19 on rural communities in South Africa (SFC/GCRF; 15 April 2020 – 31 July 2020)


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