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Territorial politics


Territorial Politics explores the distribution of power and power relations between territorial communities and governments within the state. Much of PIR's research in this field examines the dynamics of devolution in the UK within a broader comparative context.

The team

Our team includes some of the leading members of territorial politics research in Europe, and we lead numerous research networks in the field. 

Unparalleled expertise

Edinburgh's expertise in the field of territorial politics is unparalleled in Europe.

In addition to those mentioned above, staff in Politics and International Relations (Ailsa Henderson, Fiona Mackay, Valentyna Romanova, Daniel Kenealy), Sociology (Michael Rosie, Ross Bond), Social Policy (Richard Parry), the Law School (Drew Scott, Stephen Tierney), the Centre for Canadian Studies (Annis May Timpson), and a lively group of research students and visiting scholars work across the field of territorial politics.

Our research projects examine the territorial dimension of:

  • parties
  • elections
  • public policy
  • identity politics
  • constitutional politics
  • citizenship
  • political culture
  • the regional dimension of EU integration
  • regionalism
  • nationalism
  • multi-level government


A full schedule of activities for the semester will be posted below shortly.

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