School of Social and Political Science

Postgraduate Research Support Team

The Postgraduate Research Support Team is responsible for administrative support for staff and students on postgraduate research programmes run by the School of Social and Political Science.

Specific services we support:

  • On-programme and personal support
  • Advising on postgraduate research regulations
  • Programme or mode-of-study changes
  • Supervisory team changes
  • Annual review guidance
  • Student engagement administration
  • Thesis submission guidance
  • Turnitin requirements
  • Fieldwork and/or Travel guidance
  • Interruption, Extension, and Leave of Absence administration
  • Scholarship recruitment and management
  • Research Support Fund administration
  • PhD desk allocations
  • SPS PhD Laptop Loan Scheme

The full team is:

Teaching Services Manager​

Karen Marriott​

Postgraduate Research Support Officer

Toni Jenkins

Postgraduate Research Administrator

Anne Brechin

PG Receptionist

Emma Lawson

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