School of Social and Political Science

Abdullah Kesvelioglu

Job Title

PhD Student


Abdullah is a PhD student in Politics and International Relations at the School of Social and Political Science of The University of Edinburgh. His research is on Russian foreign policy towards Western Balkans. In particular, his thesis focuses on how Moscow’s relations with the United States and Europe affect its behaviour towards the frozen conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia-Kosovo.


Professor Luke March

Dr Katarzyna (Kasia) Kaczmarska


MSc Security Studies
University College London, United Kingdom (2018)

BA Political Science and Public Administration
Marmara University, Turkey (2016)

Teaching and Work Experience

Tutor in Politics and International Relations, The University of Edinburgh (2021-...)

Researcher, TRT World Research Centre (2017-2020)

Selected Publications


Globalisation in Retreat: Risks and Opportunities. TRT World Forum Annual Report. TRT World, 2019. (Ed)


'Strategic Culture, Elite Structure and the Formation of Russian Foreign Policy'. TRT World Research Centre, September 2020.

'Regional Implications of Great Power Competition: The Case of Western Balkans'. TRT World Research Centre, July 2020.

'25 Years after Srebrenica: The Bosnian War and the Role of the International Community'. TRT World Research Centre, June 2020.

'Political and Economic Impact of Covid-19 in the Western Balkans'. TRT World Research Centre, May 2020.

'European Union Challenged: Russia and China in the Western Balkans'. TRT World Research Centre, April 2020.

'The Future of Serbia-Kosovo Relations: Prospects for Normalisation'. TRT World Research Centre, November 2019.


'Trying to Weather the Storm: Covid-19 and Western Balkans'. Anadolu Agency, 29 April 2020.

'COVID-19 Proves Europe Needs Turkey's Assistance in the Balkans.' Daily Sabah, 15 April 2020.

'How Montenegro's Religious Property Law is a Regional Power Struggle'. TRT World, 16 January 2020.

'Turkey's Defensive Offensive: Operation Olive Branch'. Middle East Monitor, 24 January 2018.

Research interests

Research interests

Theories of international relations, foreign policy, Russian foreign policy, Western Balkans, qualitative research methods