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Alan Marshall

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Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Methods.


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2.12C (enter through 2.12A)

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Chrystal Macmillan Building

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George Square

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Research interests

Research interests

Policy, Health policy, Social Determinants of Health, disability, retirement, Population ageing, Demography

I am an academic lead of a work package within the Advanced Care Research Centre that will involve combining data from various sources to better understand the interrelationships between trajectories of health, wellbeing and social participation in later life. I lead research on the social and spatial determinants of combinations of health problems as a lead of the Artificial Intelligence and Multimorbidity: Clustering in Individuals, Space and Clinical Context project (AIM-CISC). 

I am a Social Statistician by training with both substantive and methodological research interests. My substantive research uses longitudinal data from social surveys in the UK and overseas to better understand the social and biological determinants of inequalities observed in health and wellbeing in later life. I have made methodological  research contributions around the development of local estimates and projections of populations and of populations in poor health in collaboration with the UK's National statistical agencies and local authorities.

Recent research publications

Cezard, G., Finney, N., Kulu, H., Marshall, A. (2020) Ethnic differences in self-assessed health in Scotland: the role of socioeconomic status and migrant generation. Population, Space and Place.

Marshall, A., Skafida, V. (2020) Re-evaluating the Social Gradient in Handbook of Research Methods in Health Psychology. Ed. Keenan, J., Fish Ragin, D. Taylor & Francis. New York.

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Mekli K, Stevens A, Marshall A, Arpawong TE, Phillips DF, Tampubolon G, et al. (2018) Frailty Index associates with GRIN2B in two representative samples from the United States and the United Kingdom. PLoS ONE 13(11): e0207824.

Marshall, A., Christison, S., Simpson, L. (2017) Error in official age-specific population estimates over place and time. Statistical Journal of the International Association for Official Statistics

Eendebak., .T, Swiecicka, A., Gromski, PS., Pye, SR., O'Neill, TW., Marshall, A., Keevil, BG., Tampubolon, G., Goodacre, R., Wu, FCW., Rutter, MK. (2017), Ethnic differences in male reproductive hormones and relationships with adiposity and insulin resistance in older men. Clinical Endocrinology. DOI: 10.1111/cen.13305

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Mekli, K., Nazroo, J., Marshall, A., Kumari, M., & Pendleton, N. (2015). Proinflammatory genotype is associated with the frailty phenotype in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research (Online). DOI:10.1007/s40520-015-0419-z.

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Topics interested in supervising

Social determinants of health (particularly in later life) Retirement and health Population ageing Small area demographic estimation/forecasting

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I joined Edinburgh in 2017 as Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Methods and director of the Q-Step Centre. In 2019 I became the Director of the Research Training Centre within the School of Social and Political Science and served in this role to 2022. I am an Associate Director of the Scottish Graduate School for Social Sciences.

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I am on a research sabbatical in the academic year 2022-3.