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Alexander Edmonds

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Professor of Social and Medical Anthropology

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Chrystal Macmillan Building

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Research interests

Research interests

Anthropology of health and medicine, War veterans, Mental health, Military cultures, Military psychiatry, Plastic surgery, gender and beauty, Health and international development, Ethnicity and race

His current work is a comparative, anthropological study of combat veterans' reintegration and mental health. Carried out in four countries (the US, UK, Netherlands, and Israel) it examines how participants navigate the military, healthcare, and social environments they face during and after military service. It is funded by a five-year “Starting Grant” from the European Research Council.

Edmonds has also researched plastic surgery, beauty and medical enhancement. His award-winning book, Pretty Modern: Beauty, Sex and Plastic Surgery in Brazil, examines how a nation with extremes of wealth and poverty became a global leader in cosmetic surgery.

His work has been supported by the Social Science Research Council, the Woodrow Wilson Society at Princeton, the European Union 7th Framework Program, and the Andrew Mellon Foundation.

He has written about his research for media, including the New York Times, and been interviewed about his work by BBC radio, the Associated Press, and other international news outlets (see below for links).

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Alexander Edmonds is an anthropologist specialising in the sociocultural dimensions of health, illness and medicine. His research has investigated plastic surgery; mental health; military veterans; psychiatric and psychological practice; and health in international development. Regionally, he's worked in Brazil, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Edmonds was a Woodrow Wilson Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles and is also a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Social Science and Global Health at the University of Amsterdam. He earned a BA in philosophy and religion from Stanford and a PhD in anthropology from Princeton.



2010. Pretty Modern: Beauty, Sex and Plastic Surgery in Brazil. Durham: Duke University Press. Awarded the Diana Forsythe Prize; the Eileen Basker Prize; the Sharon Stephens Prize, honorable mention; and the Roberto Reis prize, honorable mention.

Read the introduction to Pretty Modern

Journal articles and book chapters (selected)

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Teaching and research supervision

Edmonds has taught courses and supervises theses on medical anthropology, military studies, mental health and emotion, visual anthropology, international development, reproduction and sexuality, and the ethnography of Brazil and Latin America.

Media (selected articles and interviews)

Read Edmonds' article, "A Necessary Vanity," in the New York Times.

Read "5000 Jahre Patriarchat" ("5000 years of patriarchy"), an anthropological discussion of the #MeToo movement in the Swiss newspaper, Blik (in German).

Read La Beauté pour Tous ("The right to beauty") in the Courrier International (in French).

Listen to roundtable discussion on vanity on the BBC World Service programme, "The Forum"

Listen to interview on BBC radio 4, “Thinking Allowed”

Listen to interview on BBC radio 4 programme, "A History of Ideas" (5:40 minutes into the programme)

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