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Anna Pultar

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Career Development Fellow (Education Policy)


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22 George Square

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Teaching and supervision

I'm course organiser for 'Educational Politics and Policy' (SCPL1005) and 'Educational Policy' (PGSP11439) in Semester 1 (2020/21).

I'm happy to supervise dissertation projects on policy and policy-making, in particular case studies and comparisons of the politics of education policy, both in the UK and non-UK context.

Research interests

Research interests

Education policy, inequality and social mobility, The politics of education reforms, Political ideologies and education policy discourses, Comparative Public Policy

My main research interests relate to the politics of education policy and the role of ideas and collective beliefs in political debates and policy-making from a historical-comparative perspective.

Current project: Far-right education politics and policy: towards an interdisciplinary reserach agenda. Principal investigator, in collaboration with Dr Anja Giudici (University of Oxford), funded by British Academy and Leverhulme Trust 2020-2021.

PhD research: in my PhD I explored the formation of beliefs and education policy preferences in political parties aiming to contribute to a better understanding of the often ambiguous positions of social democratic parties in education policy. The focus was the issue of ‘comprehensive education’ which has become a symbol for egalitarian reform ambitions on the political Left in twentieth century Europe, but on which social democratic parties have remained divided. I investigated how party ‘policy’ on this issue (tacit and expressed policy preferences as well as policy choices) has been formed, contested and negotiated within the British Labour Party and the Austrian Social Democratic Party and the particular educational and political contexts they engaged with.

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