School of Social and Political Science

Ari Stillman

Job Title

PhD Student

Research interests

Research interests

Online Communities, Social Movements, Digital Activism, Resistance, Antiwork, Reddit, Phenomenology of Time, Dystopian Imaginaries


I study the Reddit community r/Antiwork and how interactions therein inform offline behaviors.

Supervision Team

Dr. Tod van Gunten

Dr. Chris Barrie

Dr. James Stewart


Graduate Fellow – Theory in Sociology Group, CRITIQUE

Affiliate and Ambassador – Centre for Data, Culture & Society


Stillman, A. Under Review. More than their (non)Labo(u)r: the work of r/Antiwork. Workers that Matter and Work that Counts. Organization.

Stillman, A. In Press. The Emergent r/Antiwork Revolution and Managerial Allies. AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research.

Stillman, A. and Witte, J. In Press. Measuring the Rise and Fall of a Subreddit using Text Analytics: The Life Course of r/Antiwork. In 2023 10th International Conference on Behavioural and Social Computing (BESC). IEEE.

Stillman, Ari. (2023). The Labor Economy as Fractured Infrastructure. Governance by Infrastructure Position Papers.

Stillman, Ari. (2022). Book Review: Media Infrastructures and the Politics of Digital Time. Time & Society 31(4).

Stillman, Ari. (2016). Living Memory: What It Portends When the Founders Still Live. AFA Oracle 12, 62-72.

Stillman, Ari. (2014). Virtual Graveyard: Facebook, Death, and Existentialist Critique. In Christopher Moreman and David Lewis (Eds.), Digital Death  (pp. 43-68). ABC-CLIO/Praeger Press.

Invited Lectures

Empowering Online Communities vs. Echo Chambers (March 1, 2023). Internet, Society, and Economy.

Conference Presentations

Behavioral and Social Computing Annual Conference ▪ November 2023, Larnaca, Cyprus ▪ Presented "Measuring the Rise and Fall of a Subreddit using Text Analytics: The Life Course of r/Antiwork" ▪ Funded by Edinburgh Future Institute

Association of Internet Researchers Annual. Meeting ▪ October 2023, Philadelphia, USA ▪ Presented "The Emergent r/Antiwork Revolution and Managerial Allies" ▪ Funded by Edinburgh University Research Support Fund

BSA Work, Employment, and Society Conference ▪ September 2023, Glasgow, UK ▪ Presented "Managerial Resistance Suggestive of Shifting Class Boundaries" ▪ Funded by the British Sociological Association

International Symposium on Digital Transformation ▪ August 2023, Linnaeus University Växjö, Sweden (online) ▪ Presented "Transforming worker empowerment on Reddit: The case of r/Antiwork"

International Critical Management Studies Conference ▪ June 2023, Nottingham, UK ▪ Presented "Organizing against Capitalism: individual and collective efforts enabled through Reddit"

Social Effort and Inequality ▪ June 2023, Carlos III-Juan March Institute of Social Sciences, Madrid ▪ Presented "Efforts toward Remediating Labor Inequality: The Case of r/Antiwork" ▪ Funded by the European Consortium for Sociological Research (ECSR)

Disrupting Technology: contextualizing continuity and change in technology, work, and employment ▪ June 2023, Monash University Prato Centre, Italy ▪ Presented "Managers on r/Antiwork: how anonymous lurking disrupts employment relations"▪ Funded by Edinburgh Future Institute

Digital Media and Social Change in the 2020s ▪ June 2023 (online) ▪ "Antiwork and Social Change: the dumpster fire of late-stage capitalism"

Historical Materialism Annual Conference ▪ April 2023, Athens, Greece ▪ Presented "Wage War: Antiwork and Proletarian Class Consciousness on Reddit" ▪ Funded by Edinburgh University Research Support Fund

British Sociological Association Annual Meeting ▪ April 2023, Manchester, UK ▪ Presented "Reddit as a Nexus for Rising Antiwork Discourse" ▪ Funded by the British Sociological Association

New Directions Conference ▪ May 2022, University of Edinburgh ▪ Presented paper "Digital Weapons of the Weak"

Governance by Infrastructure Workshop ▪ March 2022, University of Lausanne, Switzerland ▪ Presented paper "The Labor Economy as a Fractured Infrastructure" ▪ Funded by special project grant

American Academy of Religion Annual Conference ▪ Nov 2012 ▪ Presented paper “Mourning through Facebook: The New Digital Culture of Grieving” 

International Social Sciences Conference ▪ Barcelona, Spain June 2012 ▪ Presented paper “Constructing Sacred Cyberspace: New Possibilities for Religion in the Internet Age”▪ Funded by Vanderbilt University Travel Grant

Prior Education

University of Chicago (Chicago, IL): MA Social Sciences August 2014 Thesis: “Brotherhood for Life?: Determining Effective Commitment Mechanisms that Predict Alumni Involvement in Fraternities”
• Designed survey, distributed to over 1,000 people, and conducted quantitative and qualitative data analysis • Advised by Mario Small

Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN): MA History & Critical Theory of Religion
Thesis: “I Doubt, Therefore I Believe: Locating Doubt within Evangelical Certainty” • Conducted ethnography, composed interview guide, and interviewed 20 individuals • Advised by Shaul Kelner

University of Rochester (Rochester, NY): BA History and Religion

Thesis: “The Religion of Escapism, or the Escapism of Religion?” • Advised by Douglas Brooks
• Graduated with Honors and High Distinction in Religion

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