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Lecturer in Medical Anthropology

Ayaz Qureshi

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Ayaz Qureshi has carried out ethnographic fieldwork on HIV/AIDS control in Pakistan. He received his PhD in social anthropology from SOAS. He has been part of a number of research projects in the area of infectious diseases, reproductive and sexual health, and status of women in Pakistan. His research interests include sexual and reproductive health, NGOs, bureaucracy, healthcare systems, and neoliberalization and labour relations. He has published articles in the Journal of Royal Anthropological Institute, Development and Change, Anthropology & Medicine, and Global Public Health.

His recent monograph ‘AIDS in Pakistan: Bureaucracy, Public Goods and NGOs’, is the first full-length study of HIV/AIDS work in relation to government and NGOs. This book encourages readers to reconsider the orthodoxy of policies regarding public-private partnership by critiquing the resulting changes in the bureaucracy, civil society and public goods.

Selected publications


A. Qureshi (2018) AIDS in Pakistan: Bureaucracy, Public Goods and ‘Civil Society'. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

A. Qureshi and A. Khan (2016) Bonded Labour in Pakistan, Karachi: Oxford University Press.


Journal articles

Noor, M. N., Holt, M., Qureshi, A., de Wit, J. & Bryant, J. (2020), Sexual risk-taking among homeless young people in Pakistan. Health and Social Care in the Community 2020;00:1–9

Qureshi, K, A Qureshi, Z Khawja (2016) Where There is No Weighing Scale: Newborn Nourishment and Care in Pakistani Punjab. Women’s Studies International Forum, 60, 128-135

A. Qureshi (2015). AIDS Activism in Pakistan: Diminishing Funds, Evasive State. Development and Change, 46(2), 320-338

A. Qureshi (2015) The Marketization of HIV/AIDS Governance: Public-Private partnership and Bureaucratic Cultures in Pakistan. The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, 33 (1): 35-48

A. Qureshi (2014) ‘Uncivil society: the politics of HIV activism in Pakistan’, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 20(4): 694-710

A. Qureshi (2014) ‘Up-scaling expectations among Pakistan’s AIDS bureaucrats: enterprising selves and precarious jobs in a hybrid bureaucracy’, Global Public Health, 9(1-2): 72-84.

A. Qureshi (2013) ‘Structural violence and the nation state: HIV and labour migration from Pakistan to the Persian Gulf’, Anthropology and Medicine, 20(3): 209-220.

Collumbien, M, A. Qureshi, J. Chow (2009) ‘Multiple risks among male and transgender sex workers in Pakistan’. Journal of LGBT Health Research 4(2):71-79

Collumbien, M, S. Mayhew, A. Qureshi (2009) ‘Understanding the context of male and transgender sex work by using PEER qualitative methods’, Sexually Transmitted Infections 85(Suppl II):ii3-ii7.

Mayhew, S, M. Collumbien, A. Qureshi (2009) ‘Protecting the unprotected: drug-use, sex work and rights in Pakistan’s fight against HIV/AIDS’, Sexually Transmitted Infections 85(Suppl II):ii31-ii36

Research interests

Research interests

Ethnography, Pakistan, Public health, Bureaucracy, HIV/AIDS, Gender and Development, Neoliberal Governmentality

Topics interested in supervising

Health, Migration, Infectious Disease, Global Health, NGOs, Development, Bureaucracy, South Asia, Pakistan

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