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Dr Camille Warrington

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Research Fellow

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Chrystal Macmillan Building

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15a George Square

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Research interests

Children and Young People; Children’s Rights; Participatory Research methods; Child Sexual Abuse; Domestic Abuse; Extra-familial harms; Children and Parents Service Use experience; Child Friendly Justice


I am an applied researcher specialising in qualitative, participatory and creative research practices to support children’s rights in the field of interpersonal, domestic and sexual violence. In recent years my work has focused on children and families experiences of service responses to sexual violence with a particular focus on criminal justice responses and trauma informed practices. I also have a particular interest in the relationship between children’s participation and protection rights and collective responses to trauma.

Through my role in University of Edinburgh, Social Work I work part time as the Research Fellow on the realist informed evaluation of Scotland’s first Barnahus (‘Bairns Hoose’).

Outside this role I lead the Young Researchers Advisory Panel at the Safer Young Lives Research Centre (University of Bedfordshire) where I support and promote the influence of lived experience in research addressing violence and abuse affecting children and young people.

Previous and current research grants and projects

  • Evaluation of the Children 1st Bairns Hoose: Research Fellow (Funder: People’s Postcode Lottery)
  • DACE: Children and adult victim and witnesses experiences of court after domestic abuse: Research Fellow (Funder: Scottish Government Justice Analytical Services)
  • Imagining Resistance through Participatory Photography: Exploring Resistance in Young People Victimised by Interpersonal and Sexual Violence: Co-Investigator with Dr Kristi Hickle, University of Sussex) (Funder: AHRC)
  • Young Researchers Advisory Panel: Principal Investigator (Funder: Samworth Foundation)
  • Learning from the Experts: Young people’s perspectives on how to support healthy child development after sexual abuse: Co-investigator (Funder: NSPCC/ ESRC)
  • Making Noise: Children’s Voices for Positive Change after Sexual abuse: Co-Investigator (Funder: Children’s Commissioner for England)
  • Making Justice Work: Experiences of criminal justice for children and young people affected by sexual exploitation as victims and witnesses : Principal Investigator

Selected Publications

Peer reviewed journal articles

Cody, C., Bovarnick, S., Peace, D., & Warrington, C. (2022) ‘Keeping the informal safe’: Strategies for developing peer support initiatives for young people who have experienced sexual violence Children & Society, 00, e12555. https://doi. org/10.1111/chso.12555

Warrington C, & Larkins C (2019) Children at the centre of safety: challenging the false juxtaposition of protection and participation Journal of Children’s Services. 14(3):133-142. doi:10.1108/JCS-09-2019-055

Hamilton, CJ, Rodgers, A, Howard, K & Warrington, C (2019) ‘From the ground up: young research advisors’ perspectives on relationships between participation and protection’ Journal of Children’s Services, 14(3): pp. 228–234 doi:10.1108/JCS-07-2019-0037.

Firmin, C, Warrington, C, & Pearce, J (2016). Sexual Exploitation and its Impact on Developing Sexualities and Sexual Relationships: The Need for Contextual Social Work Interventions. British Journal of Social Work, 46(8), 2318–2337.

Book chapters

Hill, N and Warrington, C (2022) ‘Nothing about me without me’, in Holmes, D (ed) Adolescent Safeguarding. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Warrington C and Brodie, I (2017) ‘Developing participatory practice and culture in CSE services’ in Pearce and Beckett (eds) Child Sexual Exploitation


Allnock, D, Beckett, H, Soares, C, Starbuck, L, Warrington, C and Walker, J (2022) Learning from the Experts: Understanding the mental health and emotional wellbeing needs of those who experience sexual abuse during adolescence. Luton/London. University of Bedfordshire /NSPCC

Beckett, H, Soares, C and Warrington C (2022) There’s something there for everyone’ Learning about the Lighthouse: Young people’s perspectives on London’s Child House. Luton. University of Bedfordshire 

Warrington, C (2020) Creating a safe space: Ideas for the development of participatory group work to address sexual violence with young people. Luton. University of Bedfordshire 

Beckett, H and Warrington, C with Devlin, J (2019) Learning about online sexual harm. London: Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA)

Bovarnick, S, Peace, D, Warrington, C, & Pearce, J (2018). Being heard: promoting children and young people’s involvement in participatory research on sexual violence: findings from an international scoping review. Luton: University of Bedfordshire

Warrington C (2017) Young person-centred approaches in CSE - promoting participation and building self-efficacy: Frontline Briefing. Dartington: Research in Practice.

Warrington, C, Ackerley, E, Beckett, H, Walker, M & Allnock, D (2016) Making Noise: Children’s voices for positive change after sexual abuse Luton: University of Bedfordshire/ Children’s Commissioner.

Beckett, H and Warrington, C (2015) Making justice work: experiences of criminal justice for children and young people affected by sexual exploitation as victims and witnesses Luton: University of Bedfordshire


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